extension cab suggestion for my two amps

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extension cab suggestion for my two amps

Postby grahamstuart on Mon Jul 09, 2012 6:12 pm

hi there,
i have a valvetech hayseed 30 (vox clone) and a 65 vox(thomas) pacemaker tube amp and was wondering about getting an extension cab to use with both. I don't want to swap out the oxford 10" gold in the pacemaker as it sounds surpisingly good to my ears- but thought would it be possible to get an extension that would add to the weber blue alnico i have in my hayseed 112, or would improve on the pacemaker if inwanted togonthat way.

are there any low budget alternatives? any body here have anything for sale that might be what i want? would a night train cab be a decent cab for use with the pacemaker?

anybody know about thomas vox era elac 10" extension cabs, one was for sale on los angeles guitar shop page a while back...

graham stuart
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