recycled guitars

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recycled guitars

Postby johnnyb on Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:40 pm

i have been fixing and rebuilding guitars for a long time and ive finally decided to start making my own. im really good at making crappy guitars into really good players so i figured id give it a go. ive made 2 guitars in the past, which one i kept and plays really well, but they were one offs. i have made templates for body, neck, pickguards, headstock, fretboard etc... that way i can pump out a few at one time. i also make all my own jigs as well.

i have 2 kinds of builds going on. one will be a higher end model made with nice woods and hardware, while the 2nd type will be made from recycled materials. ive been in construction for a while and the ammount of materials that get thrown away is crazy. so i try to keep whatever i can to make stuff with. that plus tossed away furniture on the curb has supplied a few interesting materials.

so here is the start. as you can see the body was made out of an old table insert. i picked up 3 of them from the garbage and can make about 6 blanks from them. the neck blanks are made from scraps of maple flooring that were destined for the landfill. there was enough scraps to make 4 blanks, plus i know where to find more.


clamping on the fretboard after putting in the truss rod.

homemade fret saw jig

it will be interesting to see how these things play and sound. eventually id like to wind my own pickups, but for now ill buy them. that is a whole other project in itself
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