Vivian Campbell and Def Leppard on Mojave

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Vivian Campbell and Def Leppard on Mojave

Postby plexi on Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:56 pm ... Alive.aspx

Vivian, what do you like about Mojave amps?

Campbell: They really breathe, and when you hang onto a note, you’re hearing all these rich overtones and undertones that you don’t hear in a lot of amps. Basically, the Scorpion is like a slightly hot-rodded version of an early JTM45, so it’s got that old-school thing

You guys have different amp rigs for Def Leppard, depending on where you are in the world, as well as separate rigs for your side projects, right?

Campbell: For Def Leppard, I have the typical switching system, with a refrigerator rack full of digital delays and stereo processing— which is necessary. My Def Leppard rig hasn’t changed for years, but this year I swapped out my Marshall cabs for Engl cabs, which sound a lot brighter to me. I’ve also put in Engl power amps, which have a lot more flexibility. I’m still using the Marshall JMP-1—I’ve had it in my rig for 15 years—but in addition to those, I’ve been given a couple of Engl preamps to try.

I also have a brilliant-sounding rig that I built for the Thin Lizzy tour. It’s basically a Mojave Scorpion 50-watt head and a Mojave 4x12 cab. It’s a very direct signal path. With that rig, I run my Les Paul on a cable, because I don’t like what a wireless does to your guitar sound—but in Def Leppard I have to use a wireless because of the size of that stage. With Thin Lizzy, it’s my Les Paul into a Dunlop Hendrix Wah pedal to a Way Huge Angry Troll boost pedal to the front end of the Mojave. The Mojave doesn’t have an effects loop, but it has an adjustable line out, so I take the line out and feed that into the front of a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo. watt amp that powers a Marshall 4x12 cab. So I have a dry cab and a wet cab with a tape delay, and it sounds so good.

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