Rockinger Humbuckers for 335 ?

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Rockinger Humbuckers for 335 ?

Postby telbert twang on Fri Feb 11, 2011 10:00 am


I´m looking for low to moderate output, PAF-like HB-s with some extra clearness/brightness potential for my Epi Dot the poor man´s 335. I play from clean to driven, blues, rock, rockabilly - the usual old school stuff. I have done a lot reading and have jammed on choosing out the set from these 3 :

SD Jazz

Dimarzio EJ Custom


About the first two, one can find reviews enough, but the Rockinger seems also very interesting (moreover, i´ve had a great experience with theyr tele neck pickup) . So, if anyone has any info about Rockinger HB-s to share ( specially the (PAF-ECT Customs), I would be very thankful to receive it !

Best Regards,
telbert twang
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