Thoughts on Vintage Marshall Bass Amps?

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Re: Thoughts on Vintage Marshall Bass Amps?

Postby worldoftone on Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:16 pm

I've run all those heads mentioned above (save for Alvin's Frankenstein LOL) many, many times live. I really didn't like the 800 Bass Series, I gave it a fair shot through several different cabs and basses and really didn't cut it compared to my metal panel SBs that I use. I actually A/Bed them at gigs with the metal panel SB amps and it was noticeably not as punchy and definitely missing growl. I use a '69 and a '73 Super bass on a regular basis. The '69 is loaded with Sly 6Ca7s and the '73 has RFT EL-34s. I had a '74 w/RCA 6550s that I liked a lot as well. More round bottom-end there (as to be expected). I don't use my Major all THAT much anymore. Mainly because it needs to be recapped if I want to use her as a regular gig amp and I haven't had the time to get her done. The Major is an oddity to be sure, but you have to goose the volume a bit to get her to punch right with a bass (kinda like an SVT).

As for the 50-watters, they are fine if you aren't playing at Mach IV sound-wise. I'll bet at small clubs you could use them with no problems. I have. You could always run two of them to get a bit more ambiance. They are going to grind a bit more when pushed, but then again, that is pretty cool HA HA!


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Re: Thoughts on Vintage Marshall Bass Amps?

Postby thornybank on Fri Jun 11, 2010 10:17 pm

General rule of thumb is bass output should be 4X lead output.
That assumes clean output - if you are happy to overdrive, then not so critical.
Want louder? Add cabs.
Doubling the speakers gives a bigger volume than doubling the watts.
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Re: Thoughts on Vintage Marshall Bass Amps?

Postby shinsengumi on Fri Jan 07, 2011 11:40 pm

I know this has been dormant, but I'm using a 1959 reissue for bass (and guitar, but it's my only amp). Very close to SB bass spec. What speaker cabs did/do you 1992 people use? All I have is a 1960A with G12T-75s - I've heard from others elsewhere who have used them for bass and they def stand up, but obviously they don't sound very bassy.
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