Korina Tele

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Korina Tele

Postby carryonplease on Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:59 pm

Before I start i just want to say that in no way will this guitar be a real "tele". I love the look (and sound, but not necessarily for what i play) of a tele and my friend is just starting out building guitars so he wants to make me one.

Im looking at a
maple/rosewood neck/fingerboard
1 piece korina body,
two humbuckers

I know it doesn't really have anything a rea tele has haha but i figure it would have an interesting sound regardless.

but my question is what kind of hardware should i be looking at? i want to spend a good amount but not anything ridiculous. Also does anything think this is a recipe for disaster or some input on a different neck wood or anything?
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Re: Korina Tele

Postby Easto on Wed Oct 27, 2010 3:39 pm

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Re: Korina Tele

Postby brian817 on Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:52 pm

I finally started piecing together a few guitars for myself over the last year and a half.

My second build was a tele Plus and absolutely love it and has been my # 1 all of this year.
Most, if not all, of the parts came from eBay.

I put a Gotoh humbucker bridge on it, and really prefer the sound and feel of that and highly recommend one of those for your humbucker, if you're not going to put a hardtail bridge on your tele.

Also, an Electrosocket jack cup is a nice upgrade.
Use quality pots (CTS) and a jack (Switchcraft).

The one thing though, is to budget carefully and shop around, unless money isn't an issue.
Most guitar builds will always cost more than expected if you just throw everything together, or just compile all the "best" parts. It took me about 2 months of selling really random stuff on Craigslist to pay for my Tele Plus, but that's how I justified it to myself.

When it was finished, I had spent $530 for all the parts and the labor from a pro luthier, but technically, I only have about $100 in it, because of all the random stuff I sold.

Have fun with it.
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Re: Korina Tele

Postby pckpat on Thu Dec 30, 2010 11:33 pm

I put strats and tele's together from bits and pieces occasionally.
I also have a strat that a good friend of mine (who is a master luthier)built from scratch in the eighties.It's one piece korina body-flame maple neck w/ a brazilian rw fretboard.It is also my favourite guitar out of the more than I dozen I keep around-so you may be onto something good there :wink: .
Fwiw,I have gotten some Callaham parts -and though they are good quality,I can't really see the justification for all the $$$$-I think you can do as well for less,personally. :corksniffer:
The tele I'm working on right now has a wilkinson brand bridge(offshore built) a fralin lead pickup,and I have a "twisted tele" rhythm pup on order from the fender catalog.It's pretty reasonabe,about $50.
The rest of the parts I got fairly reasonable from guys I know who have a lot of parts they can't use right now :thumbsup: The thinskin nitro-finish fender body,and flame warmoth one-pc.maple neck cost me almost $700 iirc-so in the end I will have a bunch of coin invested-say $900,maybe?But,imho,it will be the equal of a custom shop tele,which probably go for twice that.(I hope,so far it's fitting together perfectly)
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Re: Korina Tele

Postby Axe Grinder on Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:03 am

"Also does anything think this is a recipe for disaster or some input on a different neck wood or anything?"
No it's going to sound great.... especially if you have good options on pickups.
One piece Body and Maple neck...with Rosewood board, sounds like a winner.
Straight maple neck would be a bit brighter....imho.
I have got very used to and comfortable with Rosewood boards.
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Re: Korina Tele

Postby power lover on Sun Nov 03, 2013 6:19 am

I've built a couple guitars with Black Limba. A flying V and a les paul. Limba might be cool for a tele. Alot of folks on the net seem to support the meme that limba is 'like mahogany' in it's tone but a little brighter. While the two woods are similar in cell structure, density, weight etc Limba didn't sound like mahogany really to my ears. It has a sharpness in the upper mids. Therfore I wonder if a stock steel plate tele bridge would be a good bridge for that wood. I think it may end up too brittle sounding. You may want to try a wraptail ljr style bridge for your tele to add some warmth and 'one-ness'/together type of sound to the limba. The two limbas/ white and black is really the same treeI believe , the white is the sapwood and the black the heartwood, which is more dense and heavy. Try and find a light to medium weight black limba and you'll end up with a 7-8 lb tele. just right. the lightweight sapwood, aka white limba is too light for good tone and you can hear it in the epiphone flying V's that sport that wood. Lighweight magogany works but lightweight limba does not have enough beef or fullness in the lowermids imo.
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Re: Korina Tele

Postby Mayhawk on Sun Aug 03, 2014 4:53 pm

I have one fully completed parts-caster that I assembled with a luthier done sb finish. (didn't want to mess up the burst...scared, etc.) Warmoth body and neck, Callaham hardware, and Fralin pickups. Quite frankly, maybe the best strat I have ever owned and I have owned a few. But then it has all the details I wanted, eg, fret size, neck size, etc.

You cannot go too wrong with Warmoth. They may put out a few lemons here and there, but even Fender has. I check out their for sale items from time to time.....looking for certain weights and grain patterns. You can find some decent deals from them if the body or neck has 'set awhile.'

I concur with the above post about the limba weights......you don't want your tele too light or it might be a bit 'light' in the lower ranges, less sustain, 'punky' sounding, etc. And I am not too nuts over limba/korina. Very very pricey.....it has a tendency to get infected with certain parasites that affect the look. No damage to the tone, but it will mar the straight grain look. That's one reason the natural finish Gibson custom shop V's are so expensive while the painted ones are thousands cheaper. But that's crazy money IMHO.

I personally like alder in my guitars....good tonewood and easy to finish. My parts-caster is alder with a two tone sb, like a '56 or '57 stratocaster. Having said that, I have another warmoth strat body in swamp ash, about 3.5 lbs that I am waiting to put together. Have not decided on what color yet.....white blonde vs another burst (but try my hand at the burst this time.)

With regard to tele's I like alder as well, but I do have two tele bodies in my closet.....one in swamp ash that is ridiculously light, about 2.9lbs and one in pine, also a featherweight. I am a bit leery on these bodies being so light. Am thinking of doing a Beck Tele-gib thing with the swamp ash one.

W/r to hardware, the Callaham stuff is good, but I don't think it is the only deal in town. I have gotten lots of stuff from him over the years, but he can be quite ornery. Some screws I got from him tore with simple use of a phillips in a pre drilled hole, ie not stainless steel. I sent him a word about this, just a FYI (I got replacements at the local hardware store,) and he wrote back a very condescending note basically telling me I was stupid, didn't know how to use a screwdriver, etc. Anyway, his stuff is great, but there are lots of other venders, and the Fender stuff off the rack is satisfactory as well.

I'd love to build a mahagony tele with mahogany/rosewood neck, but it's hard to find mahogany bodies on the Warmoth site. I think they get snapped up fast.

Lots of smaller sellers on ebay as well.....selling bodies, some with different woods like paulownia. Interesting. But of course, buyer beware.

Good luck!
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