Tommy Bolin Gear Question

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Tommy Bolin Gear Question

Postby yngwie308 on Sun Oct 25, 2009 5:16 am

I have a question maybe some here can answer, I am posting a picture if Tommy at the My Father's Place gig in Rossyln, L.I. , NY in 1976, with the Tommy Bolin Band.
In front of him on the table is to the right his Maestro Echoplex EP-3, behind that it looks like some sort of tube covers, or maybe spare slides for him??
To the left of the Echoplex is the Gerd Number One Compact Phasing A unit, this is situated on top of another unit..any clues as to what that device is??
It is hard to tell with the resolution of the photo, but I would like to find out what this was. Some people like Carl were at this gig, I couldn't get a ride myself.
Notice the Hiwatt with "The Kid" badge on the front in place of the HIwatt badge!
Also Tommy had the Hiwatt head with lighter colored tolex on the upper front of the front above the control panel, this was often driving a Leslie cabinet I thought.
Any answers would be appreciated: ... 85bfd8.jpg
Here from the Deep Purple sessions, is that multi-colored Hiwatt head to the right: ... RPLE_6.jpg ... -bolin.jpg
Here from the first Deep Purple sessions, Tommys Echoplex is on the floor, with some sort of switching device, I don't see the Sam Ash Fuzz in any pics so far.. ... 48120d.jpg

Here from the Deep Purple Japan gigs is a shot of the effects, with the Phaser and the mystery unit as well..any clues Bolinphytes?? I would like any feedback if possible.. ... af6b29.jpg

Here again from Deep Purple is a shot of what looks like some sort of DBX labeled push button unit, with the strange tube covers looking unit...what is this thing, any clues, I need to know as I would appreciate any detailed Bolin signal chain info members here might have:

These rare pics are from a Deep Purple HM photo book I have had for years!! ... 228a2c.jpg ... asingA.jpg ... page_3.jpg ... 753376.jpg ... 700170.jpg ... -3_lid.jpg
Also what about this seventies headstock Strat, it was recently uncovered and is said to have been used on the Private Eyes Tour, yet I cannot find any pics of Tommy playing it.. ... c-004f.jpg ... C_0013.jpg

Sorry for the disjointedness of this post but I have to jump from Firefox to IE to post this as I asked Victor to look into why I cannit post in Firefox before it logs me out..ect
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Re: Tommy Bolin Gear Question

Postby Anje on Sun Oct 25, 2009 10:45 am

good question, I've recently been more into Tommy's music, great! supporting new French Electro Jazz-pop album from a good friend - great authentic Hammond, Rhodes, Moog... tones with old school funk-bluesy-rock fusion flavors.
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Re: Tommy Bolin Gear Question

Postby hooligan guitars on Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:11 pm

I doubt this is the case,really, but...if he was anything like Ritchie is-(sense of humor-wise) it could very well just be a "conversation piece" intended to have people scratch thier heads and go "what is that? what does that do?" Ritchie did,and continues to do, things like that all the time. Be it some gizmo or other in his backline, or just gluing a string ferrule to the headstock of his strat.
It cracks him up to no end,to watch people puzzle over such things.

In fact, am going to see Ritchie next week,if I get the chance/remember to do so, I'll ask him if he knows what it is,as he was rather tight with Tommy around that time..may be some chance he will recall what that is.
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Re: Tommy Bolin Gear Question

Postby gillibi on Mon Nov 02, 2009 6:25 pm

Asked a similiar question a while back and most thought it was a dbx noise reduction unit. Here is the original link....

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Re: Tommy Bolin Gear Question

Postby frascati on Tue Nov 03, 2009 3:52 am

I wish I knew. Replying to subscribe to the thread. As a Blackmore fan, I never really gave Come Taste the Band a fair shot. But I heard Post Toasties on the radio and liked it only to find that it was Tommy. After I finally found Teaser on CD a year ago I listened to that thing for a couple of months.

PS I did not know he used a Compact Phasing A as well. Blackmore used one as well during Rainbow (Catch the Rainbow live for example). I always figured he tried Jon Lord's and liked it. Maybe this is how Bolin was introduced to them?

PPS IIRC, the P-Bass ferrule on RB's strat was to cover hole already made by the laser reflector mount put on his headstock for the laser show in the Straigh Between the Eyes set. He pulled the P-Bass string retainer out of his tech's box of parts and said to "put this on there".
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Re: Tommy Bolin Gear Question

Postby carlygtr on Thu Nov 26, 2009 2:08 pm

I believe the DBX is a noise gate. I recently read an interview where he mentioned the sam Ash Fuzz but also something called a Pressure Sustainer. Sounds like a compressor to me.
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Re: Tommy Bolin Gear Question

Postby maestrofrustro on Tue Dec 01, 2009 3:56 pm

"Here from the first Deep Purple sessions, Tommys Echoplex is on the floor, with some sort of switching device, I don't see the Sam Ash Fuzz in any pics so far.."

Isn't it possible that the thing on the floor is like a custom box with the sam ash fuzz inside? It has tree knobs that look like those of a sam ash. The other two footswitches and the multiple outputs make me guess these are splitters or A/B selectors, to drive multiple amps?
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Re: Tommy Bolin Gear Question

Postby gillibi on Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:51 pm

The footswitch in the DP pic might also be the "custom phase box" that a James Gang roadie built Bolin. Have heard this is what he used before he got the Compact Phasing A effect.
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Re: Tommy Bolin Gear Question

Postby JohnnyBee on Wed Oct 19, 2016 8:36 pm

Hi Yngwie- I may have some information for you if you're still active on this forum- PM me! Best, John
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Re: Tommy Bolin Gear Question

Postby 11068 on Thu Nov 17, 2016 1:22 pm

I dont have any answers, but this is a great and interesting thread.

I'll add that: there seems to be an extra unit on top of the loop in the EP3??? with 5 knobs I wonder what that is? ... d.jpg.html
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