Super Bass, Sequis Elemental, DIY 1176

Super Bass, Sequis Elemental, DIY 1176

Postby fuzznut66 on Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:29 pm

Tokai Silver Star strat with Slider's '69 PU's, BYOC Chorus, Marshall Super Bass with a 500pf bright cap, volume on about 9.


1971 Marshall Super Bass 100w plugged into a Sequis Elemental, DIY Urei 1176 compressor my brother Arto made then AD converter, Reaper software with a little reverb through studio monitors. :mrgreen:

I recorded also some of audio through the converters to PC and it sounded so great. I'll see if can upload some mp3 clips of it too.
Sequis Elemental speaker simulation is a blast!

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