Binding a LP Studio

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Binding a LP Studio

Postby Rockin' Stevie on Sat Sep 24, 2016 3:11 am

Might be a dumb idea--Won't be my first--But I've go a decent LP Studio, that I'm overhauling--New pickups, RS electronics, strap locks--Maybe even go all out, and put on SPEED KNOBS! It's from the early 90s, so there's a lot of dings and lesser gouges around the top and back.

So, I'm thinking about binding. Have any of you ever seen a Studio with binding? Ever done it yourself? I can do OK with wiring--My soldering looks good, doesn't break--But my wood-working skills suck, more or less. I talked to a local guitar tech--He heard me out, before he laughed. The idea of routing that arched top made him giggle.

Anybody got any advice? I'd appreciate it!
Rockin' Stevie
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Re: Binding a LP Studio

Postby Unit_1 on Sun Sep 25, 2016 6:37 pm

I have a LP Studio, black with gold hardware. I think studio's have a vibe that is all their own, without accoutrements. the more dings and scratches the better!

as an alternative for $325 I bought one of these - up to $365 now ($300 for guitar $65 for case) :

I really got it because I've always wanted a full binding, root beer flame maple LP just for the LOOKS, the ***great*** sound and playability were a surprise :jam:

and since getting it, my studio spends most of the time in the box. Gosh, in fact I think I should take the studio out today and give it a workout. Maybe change the strings and give it a good waxing. Just to say "Hi" and for something to do today. 8)
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