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Postby Analogman88 on Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:44 am

I shipped an item to an Ebay buyer using UP$ and got REAMED.

Three weeks ago I listed a Marshall 1960AHW cabinet as "mint condition" without a blemish because I had babied it for 3 years, not allowing one single scratch on it. I wouldn't even set a head on top of it without a soft cloth in between. Here are some before shipping pics from the Ebay listing: (pics 9-11 in link below) To help attract buyers I decided to list it as free shipping...HUGE mistake.

The auction ended. Once I received payment in PayPal, I congratulated the buyer and told her the amp was boxed up and I was on my way to the UP$ hub. It was carefully packed in the ORIGINAL box it shipped in from England to the retail store I bought it from with 2 thick layers of heavy cardboard and cushioning under that. Without a single bump, jostle, or scrape, I carefully took it into the building and put it behind the counter as I was instructed. I paid them my money to ship it to MI and said, "We're all good here?" The woman patted the box and said, "We're all good here!" From here, it is no longer my responsibility, as I'd done my part, it was in there hands and they'd been paid to perform their services competently. It's their responsibility now, right? That's what I thought...

I get an email with pictures attached and learn of the condition of the amp as it arrived to my buyer. Here are the pictures I received: (pics 1-4 link below) I told her to take pics of the damage and the box and notify UP$ of the abuse and damage they'd inflicted through their negligence. She did. From there UP$ picked it up to do their little token "inspection" to see if they were liable to repair or replace the item. Through their self-granted authority, they deemed that they were not liable for any damages because the item was insufficiently packaged for transit by the sender and the sender (me) was liable for all damages incurred. This is a lie. I packed it in the ORIGINAL approved box with added protection and cushioning and it's my fault they damaged it? There was no mention it was insufficiently packed when they took my money to ship it. You pay them to ship it safely, and you pay them again to ensure its safe arrival-rephrase: you pay them a substantial additional fee to do the RIGHT thing in the likely case of their negligence, therefore indulging them in their greed, and taking the word of a dishonest and crooked organization. Then they just lie their way out of it to avoid paying for their incompetence to perform the service you already paid them twice for in the first place...

But wait, there's more: After they established that there would be no repair or replacement to the buyer or the sender, I refunded the buyer for the full Ebay list price including the slice Ebay took from the transaction because that was the right thing to do, Then UP$ denied my claim for compensation on the grounds that insurance doesn't cover damage due poorly packaged items, so because of their abuse the damage was "my fault" and I was "not eligible for any compensation" whatsoever. Then I get a bill to ship it BACK to ME from MI (buyer) to PA (inspection) to OH (IDKW) to my HOUSE in WV in its damaged state, already de-valued by half of my original asking price. Then I get it back and there are 6 additional tolex tears, abrasions, and dents-1 of them penetrating over 1/4" deep into the wood like this: (pics 5-8 link below) I don't even have the original box anymore because the delivering UP$ driver stopped at my dad's place of business while he was busy with a customer and demanded to drop it off there, not taking no for an answer. Dad called and told me and the UP$ driver told me over the phone he had a funeral to go to and going to the end of his route would make him late. I said alright but read the serial number off to me before you leave (I wanted to make sure the buyer didn't just want to swap an already damaged cab for a nice one on Ebay), so he set the phone down (my dad is out on the lot) and because the handles weren't easily accessible, he tears the box into pieces and destroys it to get to the serial number at the bottom.

Now I'm stuck with a damaged cabinet, no compensation for it whatsoever, not even a box to ship it in, and UP$ charged me substantial fees all along the way for all of this gracious service.

I'm pretty bummed out right now, but this is NOT a sob-story. It is a WARNING to all of my friends to not let this happen to you. ALWAYS AVOID USING UP$ whenever possible. When ordering anything, insist that they use another carrier if possible. So far, I have never had a bad experience with Fed Ex or USPS. I now cannot do anything about this except to warn my friends of what happend. DON'T USE UP$! ... t=3&page=1
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Postby Gooch on Wed Jun 15, 2016 3:32 pm

I feel for you. That's a terrible predicament to be placed in. Unfortunately, the other carriers will not treat you much better either in the event of a damage claim. They're all pricks about it. That's mainly why I have never shipped a 4x12" cab, I can't afford to take that risk. Probably the only way to have a little higher comfort level is to have UPS or FedEx pack it themselves, but I've heard that's still dicey, and expensive to boot. I have received 2 or 3 4x12" cabs in shipment, and I could not believe they got to me in one piece. They are not pristine pieces by any means, but to get by the UPS gorillas with that minimal cushioning is very lucky.

Did you have your own musical instrument insurance on the item? If so, maybe you can get them involved?
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Postby Happy Face on Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:34 pm

The carriers are doing thus to force you to pay for them to supply the packing material and do the packing.

It's worth it.

As well, when you think about using FedEx Ground to ship something older than 15 years, ASK about their policy on older gear before you slide your treasure over the counter.

It's time to suss out alternative carriers.
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Postby OldSchoolDave on Thu Jun 16, 2016 2:23 pm

Happy Face wrote:It's time to suss out alternative carriers.

Difficult situation. I, personally, have had better luck shipping with FedEx than UPS - but, I know there are others with opposite experience. A lot boils down to locality, as the long haul segment is probably not the issue.

Where I've had EXCELLENT results is private carriers (can be cost effective on large/heavy items). My sense is UPS & FedEx drivers care about emptying their trucks for the day, professional truckers actually take pride in deliverying cargo intact. To avoid any "last mile" damage, I prefer to pickup at a local depot (usually located near major airports).

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Postby BygoneTones on Fri Jun 17, 2016 12:32 pm

Analogman88 wrote:DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

Thanks, I wont. I will carry on packing my items with the correct amount of padding and protection they need, based on their weight and the common sense knowledge that they will get thrown around on vans and in sorting centers as part of the delivery process. Just like the other hundreds of thousands of people and businesses across the world that use UPS every day and dont have any problems with them.
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Postby johnnysavant on Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:24 pm

I had a couple of similar experiences with United Parcel Smashers a few years ago. As a result I no longer use UPS to ship anything. In one case the item was packed by a UPS store person who was trained to properly pack by UPS. UPS still refused to reimburse me because the UPS stores are a separate entity. So I told them that it was still the UPS brand, threatened to take them to small claims court, and we would find out if a judge agreed. They finally sent someone out to my house. In the end they settled, paying me full pop, but it took six months of hassle to get it done. Never again.
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Postby power lover on Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:11 pm

i've had several damaged UPS packages. Fedex has proven much more gentle in my experience. no doubt.
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Postby WillyOMinnieSnowTa on Fri Nov 18, 2016 2:38 pm

I also have sworn off UPS for anything that could potentially be damaged (even though my brother works for them in one of their customer service call centers).

I received a pair of Hi-Fi speakers that looked like someone put the package on a paint shaker for 2 days and let them bash into each other. The driver must have knocked on my door and immediately run to his truck to escape. I answered the door in maybe 15 seconds and just saw his truck drive off.

The rule of thumb with UPS is pack it so it can be dropped from a height of 10 feet and survive. I would still feel completely safe shipping a pack of pillows with them, or maybe a roll of bubble wrap. Otherwise they suck, and it's true that the level of suckiness is regional (this was in California and I now live in Minnesota). I also have had better luck with Fedex.

Of course the only time Fedex broke something I shipped with them it was an irreplaceable vintage guitar. I was shipping a 1938 Epiphone Electric Spanish guitar to Jason Lollar, the pickup manufacturer. He was mainly buying it for the amazing horseshoe pickup on it more than the guitar itself.

It was one of these: ... ish_Guitar

Fedex broke the neck off of it, but after some picture taking and e-mailing they paid up. Jason got to keep it and still had a perfect pickup, so that one ended ok.

Another option for shipping large and or heavy stuff is to use Greyhound Freight. I discovered this while shipping a vintage York tuba that I sold on ebay for my dad. (Silver plated circa 1909, really cool!). You can ship station to station if they live close to a greyhound station, or ship from station direct, but that costs more. I have shipped a few things with them including Amp Cabinets, the tuba, and a go cart. Very little handling is involved because they place it in the luggage compartment of the next bus that has room.

The tuba was a huge box and I think it was $68 bucks. Apparently musicians ship these things in their giant cases with Greyhound regularly. I think I remember their weight limit being 100 lbs.

Gethound site:

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