Creating effects loop using '71 JMP 50W

Some like 'em and some don't, but I bet everyone has at least a couple — Analog Delay, Digital Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tube Overdrive, Transistor Overdrive, Fuzz, Octave Fuzz, Tremolo, Vibrato, Compressor and the list goes on!

Creating effects loop using '71 JMP 50W

Postby Strings Royale on Wed Jul 29, 2015 1:12 am

Hi guys

I've never been one to use pedals, turning up to 8 or 9 usually does the trick, however I'm testing out a few at the moment (have to keep noise down plus I'm just interested :) ).

Never one to do things half heartedly, I'm really interested in creating an FX Loop (without molesting the amp) to really explore this world of pedal use! My search skills might be a bit rusty but I've yet to find an answer to my question.

How can I create an FX Loop using two pedals (Reverb and Delay) given I have no loop built into the amp?

I have some overdrive, fuzz, boost and tuner pedals too, just to clarify. Oh and I'm using a THD attenuator, no tricks, just straight to and from amp/cab. I'd really appreciate some help, especially given I'm not technical at all. I've searched this forum and many others and aside from "fx loops kill your tone", "fx loops don't kill your tone", "just mod the amp", "don't bother run the fx in front" I'm really hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.

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Re: Creating effects loop using '71 JMP 50W

Postby Unit_1 on Wed Jul 29, 2015 5:20 am

plug the guitar into the input on the first pedal, then use patch a cord to plug output to input in the next pedal, then the output of that pedal into the input of the amp - this can be done for any number of pedals

it's best to buy pedals with 'true bypass' so they don't suck tone while not in use
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Re: Creating effects loop using '71 JMP 50W

Postby pdf64 on Wed Jul 29, 2015 7:37 am

The purpose / point of a regular fx loop is when an amp's architecture has a master volume, a gain structure and sufficient power output that facilitates pre-amp overdrive whilst the power amp runs clean.
As you're using an attenuator, it's very likely that significant / most of your overdrive is occurring in your power amp.
So I don't think that modding the amp to add an fx loop before the power amp would be much benefit, and the method suggested would likely work almost as well.
A better way forward may be to use a second amp; take a signal after the Marshall, eg direct box from the speaker output or simply a suitable mic on the speaker, feed that signal to the delay then reverb then to the amp. It helps if the fx can be set for 100% wet, the idea with this is that the second amp should be wet only. Unless you want lots of fx (eg using a looper), the second amp can be a small practice amp.
The Badcat Unleash offers an alternative '2nd amp' method
Cool photo BTW!
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