New Vox AC30CC1 owner

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New Vox AC30CC1 owner

Postby WetWildWest on Tue Mar 10, 2015 1:36 pm

Hello all,

I just bought a AC30CC1 for a great price because it's a little beat up and the previous owner had a few mods done to it.

1. R6 & R7 changed to vintage spec (I'm leaving that as-is)
2. R31 & R32 are jumpered (can anyone explain what this does?)
3. R41 & R42 are clipped on one side (no idea why)
4. C4, C6 & C22 removed altogether (again, no idea why)
5. C13 bright cap removed

The amp sounds great but during band practice (at higher volume than I played it before), a faint burnt smell came from the vents. I opened it up to check and saw the first two power tubes (next to the tube rectifier) had their stickers half burned. Power tubes are Ruby Tubes. I ran the amp outside its cabinet and noticed the power tubes run pretty hot. I changed the bias switch on the back to 82 ohm as I heard it's closer to pre '61 AC30 and the tubes don't run so hot.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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