Pentagrams sound

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Pentagrams sound

Postby prsqmrt on Tue Apr 29, 2014 6:45 am
Hi all!
I've seen the threab about the Pentagrams Be Forwarned.

Wanted to ask what kind of amps and pedals they might have used here ?
Still thinking the same ? Sound City 120 head ?
Is there a modern similar copy of Pentagrams amp ?
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Re: Pentagrams sound

Postby unclebobo on Thu May 08, 2014 8:34 pm

The 70s era Pentagram tone was an SG through a non-MV Marshall.

The Sound City amp was Victor's -- he joined the band in the 80s when it was called "Death Row". He played a Gibson "The Paul" through the Sound City with a stomp box for distortion.
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Re: Pentagrams sound

Postby power lover on Sun May 25, 2014 2:51 am

I really love the tones he gets but have not researched what gear. If I had to design a rig for my spot in a pentagram tribute band, I'd use a stock strat through an old laney or klipp, or marshall50. I do not hear sound city in that tone fwiw. Sounds like a single coil to me or weak humbucker, and I get very similar tones with such a setup. here's a similar tone but using a humbucker (why it's fatter/thicker) and a laney but it has a marshall type replaced OT. Pentagrams' sound sounds like marshall style and not partridge to me.

and sir terry doing a pent cover

either way, to get pentagram's tone, you'll want to find a couple old greenback speakers. You just cant' get that kind of tone out of modern copy's or high powered versions of them. no way. no greenback 'copy' gets it right, and I've tried 'em all

another tip from lot's of time and money spent. Get yourself a week sounding pickup and push the amp with volume and you'll get the heart of most old school tones and pentagram's. pickups with even moderate output make even the best amp start sounding generic and hides your own personality from coming through.
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