I said I would post pics of my finished showman

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I said I would post pics of my finished showman

Postby ampcabinets on Wed May 07, 2014 6:02 am

so here they are and then some.

the serial number on the chassis. The chasiss has 63 stamped (with a rubber stamp) inside.
JBL K-120 original cone, etc. tuned and ported, not sealed. I used 7 inch tuning ports.
The legs have been in my shop for many years, waiting for the right cabinet to come along.
The back is the only thing made of plywood. The rest, including the baffle is solid #1 pine, glued, clamped, dried for a week before planing, and cutting, and like Norm, I used biscuits between edges, for strength, before gluging and clamping. Like the original showman 1x15 this has 5 braces on the inside of the back and is insulated (they all are).
That's my 2x12 altec bottom. The cabinet is solid wood, weighs jus tover 18 lbs (empty) and yet weighs in at 98 lbs with the speakers (VERY TRUE), so how much do you think those speakers weigh in at? Notice it is on wheels. After I added those altecs, I could no longer pick it up and I have a very strong back.

other stuff lying around (hand builts)

the 6G6B bassman, made with super-twin- reverb power and output transformers. I had to prop the chassis up 1/4 inch for the knobs to clear the bottom of the Kustom cabinet. Custom face and rear plates by Simplysandy.

red 50 watt TMB head, hiwatt Lead 100R, Original 4x10 Kustom 4x10 cabinets, handles in tact, no nicks in naugahyde. Plays extremely well with the 100 watt 6G6B head.
Kustom K200 guitar amp (has harmonic clipper, etc), and Kustom TRT-50. The other side shows my Hiwatt custom 20 tube amp, with 6V6's and 2-1x10 cabinets (with those celestion vintage 10's, next to my vibrolux 5E11, next to my hiwatt bulldog practice amp. There are 3 more in the garage, all solid state. One in the living room, a marshall 36 watt ,in python tolex, and again, those celestion vintage 10's (NOT newer celestion 10 vintage), notice the wording...... I bought 50 of those from Mojo about 15 years ago and have finally used them all up. I got them all for 40 bucks each....shipped, new in the box, when I bought all 50. About 13 or 14 were consecutively numbered. I saved those for me. I used just over half in my amps.

The fabulous red (white powder coated chassis 5F6A, red lettering) 3x10, and 2x10 bottom. 5x10's sound pretty damned good

guitars left to right...1984 japanese strat/floyd rose, 1968 strat, 1967 (or earlier) salesman sample epiphone les paul (wood is very light colored and the guitar is very light (6.5 lbs), all parts are Epiphone branded [the pickups are newer, the old ones I got with it didn't work very well at all], ebony fretboard, shaller locking tuners, and plays like a dream. I play it more than I play my 2 Gibson les pauls. I'll add my guitars to the post about 'show your toys' later.
The red one on top is a backwards controls Vibrolux Reverb, bottom is my custom hiwatt 120 LB, running 6x6L6 tubes, Eminence Legends all the way 'round in the cabs [4x12 and 2x12](each being 8 ohms).. Next door to that is my [mirror faced] JTM45, under that is the 100 watt version. Top has JBL's, Bottom has Eminence C12K Bad Boy's in it and the bottom is wider and deeper (than a regular 1936 cabinet) to accomodate the top slant cabinet on top ...notice the wheel wells. You would be surprised to hear how much deeper the bass is on a deeper and slightly wider cabinet.
This is the tremolo version of the 50 watt marshall. I took an 18 watt chassis and modified it to accept EL34's.
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Re: I said I would post pics of my finished showman

Postby Unit_1 on Fri May 09, 2014 5:04 pm


i seem to be mercifully free of intelligence today, so no witisism's!
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