Schematic and clipping distortion with Viscount 1153

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Schematic and clipping distortion with Viscount 1153

Postby jsel84 on Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:19 am

Schematic for Viscount 1153
Hi I have one these amps and and took the advise from this forum from R.G.
I have a few questions.
I changed all the electrolytic and the np caps as advised.
when I hit a note on the hard side with the volume half up I get this sag but with a clipping distortion after the note, the green light also gets dimmer then goes back up in brighter.
I've tried increasing the ufs on the main supply and going back to the org. It seems to be better with the org. spec caps. the new supply caps I put in are fifty volt at 3800 uf. I've also used 15,000 at 50 volts still same reaction.
when the limit control pot is turned cw full it seems to be better. when I raise the treble it seems to get worse and very raty nasty.
The schematic I have is the 1154 and the super beatle to me the super beatle looks more like mine than the 1154 schematic.
The distortion and MRB there are the two relays.The other problem is I can't get the distortion nor the MRB to by bring them to ground. If I press the the re lay down and make a connection the distortion will work, so I know it could work but can't get the re lay engage
trem wks fine and can be cut from FT pedal jack to ground can't switch and any thing else.
The 1154 schematic it states that there should be -30 volts on the distortion. the -30 only goes the the one power transistor.
I would love some advice on this I guess one step at a time would be best.
thanks for the time
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