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Postby TimmyP1955 on Wed Feb 04, 2015 12:09 am

One of the bosses handed to me (with difficulty) an SMF MK2 (re-badged as an SMF/LS by the US importer at the time it was originally sold) and said "this is for my studio - fix it". The serial number is A112xxx. It is all there, but it will need a full refurb (but hopefully not new transformers).

I'm a bit worried about the bias pots - I got some nice multi-turns, but I worry as to whether they can handle the current.

Is there anything else that might be particularly troublesome?

Any tips or needed changes/updates?

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Postby Papa Dog on Wed Feb 04, 2015 3:53 pm

welcome to the forum

sorry to say I do not think that I have a schematic for the MK2 on the Sound City Site
Pictures would help to see what might need to be done.
If it works I would leave the transformers alone...they will be hard to source.
Figure on filter caps at least, and I would change the other electrolytics just to be sure.
I would leave the bias pots alone, even though they are likely cheap, so long as they adjust and give you the range you need.
There is little other information that I know about, but if you find a schematic or any servicing info I would love to have it for the site.

Good luck in your endeavors
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