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Sound City Servicing UK

Postby deko666 on Tue Sep 09, 2014 8:42 am

Hey All

I just got me a Sound City L100 and 4X12 dating from around 68/69/70 (no real way to identify though) I used to own one of these back in the 90's and always regretted selling it so i'm over the moon to be back in the Sound City gang and will be giving it a full road test a this weeks rehearsal and on Saturday live!

Having looked inside and speaking to the previous owner it looks like it was last serviced in 2005, it would seem it definitely had new valves (i'm not sure what make but they say made in Russia on the side so guessing Sovteks?) Im not sure but it looks like it may have had the caps done too, but I don't know enough about them to say if that's the case or not (they just look very clean and new looking)

What I would like to do over the winter is get it fully serviced over the winter ready for touring next year, can anyone suggest a good techy / engineer who knows hi sway around a sound city whose reasonable? I am based in North London / Herts area. Also be cool to know if there are any other Sound City owners in my area :jam: I will post some pictures soon :)

Thanks all this looks like a good forum
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