Help needed with SS B120

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Re: Help needed with SS B120

Postby Papa Dog on Wed Jan 01, 2014 8:19 am

3 years ago I would have just yanked that one out and restored from the backup server to the previous night...those were the days...
No biggie, though, I just had to go drag another machine out of the closet and get it up to speed...lost some files and data, but hopefully I can recover most, if not all of it.

I saw some of the pics today...will be sending comments by e-mail, and can copy my observations here if you wish.
You are prolly right...something is drawing way more current than it should.
I would check the caps which had been changed and take a look at the cathode bypass caps on V1. I think one of them might be installed backward...but it is hard to tell fer sure.
and now for your viewing is an attempt at putting up my own lil picture sharing thang.
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Re: Help needed with SS B120

Postby derstever on Thu Jan 02, 2014 1:29 pm

It looks like the one on the right is backward but its not. The indent is at the + side. I did send a couple of pix of the original amp pre repair by email. Once we get this pupper dupper up and working I'll post all of the twists and turns and whatever else we need to - so that the repair is documented for others in the same boat. I wish more people would do that instead of just saying "I fixed it"..... Appreciate your help.
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