Removing Power tubes to reduce power on L120 Sound City amp

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Re: Removing Power tubes to reduce power on L120 Sound City

Postby GamerMan57 on Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:16 am

Mr. Foxen wrote:Since the EQ is functional on a mark 4, there is a lot more tones there than the one that Marshall amps have conditioned players to expect.

If a driven amp tone is what you are after, an amp with massive headroom is the wrong amp.

I most certainly didn't buy the wrong amp. I love amps with massive headroom but you can still drive when u want. I personally don't like most marshalls that others like for this reason. I would rather have an amp that is too clean than one that's too dirty. if you asked me which marshall I would buy it would be a jtm 45 because I love the headroom I get. but I know that this is the amp I wanted as I tried it out before I bought it and it went way above all the other amps I tried (and I tried a lot). so I knew it could do what I want I was just looking for a way to reduce the power too match my dr103 so I could have balance of power. the sensitivity switch seemed like the way to go and so far that's what im using. however im considering using my eq pedal as a clean boost with the amp at a lower volume. because with my hiwatt I like the the preamp turned up quite a bit but I keep the master volume on 12 o'clock (it sometimes gets turned up more for solos though). I like the master volume, but not for volume control but because I like to dial in how much of the preamp tubes I want separately from how much of the power tubes. so my thinking right now is since my sound city doesn't have a master volume i'll keep the volume lower so im not working the power tubes as hard and then use the boost to drive the preamp harder so that way I can work in a similar way.
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