Guild Brian May Treble Boost pedal, any info?

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Guild Brian May Treble Boost pedal, any info?

Postby pawn_king110 on Mon Nov 14, 2005 5:45 pm

Found this in one of my little local guitar shops, they were rather reluctant to sell it, but managed to buy it for £100, can't find much about it on the net anywhere, wondering if anyones seen one before/and know any mod's for them, or could find the circuit diagram?


It sounds pretty good, really works well with my JCM800 in the 'high' input, really livens up the tone and gain.

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treble booster

Postby jerrydyer on Tue Nov 15, 2005 7:57 pm

its similar to a rangmaster
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Postby guitar007 on Tue Nov 15, 2005 9:10 pm

I’m surprised you can’t find info on the web. It’s fairly rare and I would advise against moding it. I ran across a really good Brian May fan site a few years ago on the web. I’m sure any good May site would provide info on the pedal. Good luck!
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Re: Guild Brian May Treble Boost pedal, any info?

Postby Roy Boltz on Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:00 am

Very old thread I had to bump.
I have this boost & it sounded like crap in front of everything.
I tried all sorts of amps, even a Vox AC10 expecting to hear a hint of warmth expecting it.
Nothing but extreme treble at all settings on the volume control on the box.
It took most bass away and boosting more just added too much treble & noise.
I almost sold this thing so many times I don't know why I still had it as I never liked it, actually, I Hated it!

I don't know why I decided to try it in my pedal board, in front of everything including a Boss ME5.
I decided to go back to buffering as opposed to all true bypass loop switching.
My board is pretty much based on a Gilmore type of set up but as of late have been using a wha to get some cut with my muff type fuzz sounds, I find a TS circuit isn't as nice & adds too much drive sound regardless of the drive setting on the TS.

I, out of nowhere decided to try this thing right after the guitar & into the pedalboard. I am truly amazed at the difference. This aweful sounding box changed from a brittle useless pedal into a preamp that makes the whole set up sound clearer! Switching different drives retain clarity as in cleans come through ever so right through each transition of overdrive & my fuzz sounds, mind you my drive settings are all pretty low on all my drive & fuzz pedals & setting the level of each drive to about 2/3 on the triangle & full on the op amp muff.

My triangle clone muff will let bell tone through & my Crazy op amp muff which is very bass heavy & muddy now has the wicked upper mids that I had to use my WH10 wah accomplish but now it even sounds better.

I just run my guitar a bit lower & run the boost about 5 db boost & ride the volume on the guitar with all the transitions between drives & fuzz with a clarity I didn't hear before.
Best of all, no noise!

I have no idea why this is.

Roy Boltz
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Re: Guild Brian May Treble Boost pedal, any info?

Postby yavin on Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:44 pm

As long as this post is bumped, I just might add something to it as well.

What you have here is a 1993 Guild Brian May treble booster, this was put on the market along with the Guild Brian May Red Special Pro guitar. The good dr. May has used a treblebooster of some sort during his whole career from the earliest known Queen recordings till today. Starting out with a modded Rangemaster, he later had Pete Cornish build him a unit which can be heard on most of the Queen and solo albums. In the mid-nineties he switched from Cornish to Fryer trebleboosters and more recent to KAT strapboosters specialy designed for the use with a wireless system.

There are many clones available that are mostly based on the Cornish TB-83 and you get the best result with the booster in a Vox AC30 using the ‘normal’ channel.
The Guild booster was claimed to be an exact clone of the TB-83 but turned out to be a bit of a dissapointment.

I’ve owned one since it first came out and have tested it against a Rangemaster clone, an Electrolead TB1 and a Covington Fireplace Classic. The Fireplace does sound the same as the TB-1, but it seems to be just a bit louder. The Rangemaster is a very nice pedal as well but does give a different tone, not as smooth as the trebleboosters.

...and the Guild booster, well, it does have a nice sound, but it's nowhere near the Electrolead or the Covington.


I mainly use the TB-1 in combination with my AC30 while my brother uses the Fireplace in a 100W bassman.
Full blown sweet rock tones all the way!
Vox AC30 (197x)
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Re: Guild Brian May Treble Boost pedal, any info?

Postby Roy Boltz on Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:43 pm

Thanks for the info.

I found it sounded pretty bright & noisy in any amp I would try to use until I used with my pedal board.
I thought I would get the best idea of how it performs without anything else in the signal chain but it always sounded shrill.
I use it before everything in the chain except when using wireless & it sounds real good.

I don't notice any difference when using wireless though.

It really makes the cleans very bell like & my overdrive is more clear & changing tone, vol, & pickups are even more apparent.

If the amp is bright one needs to compensate with volume/tone levels on the guitar but sounds best in a darker amp like old Vox or Fender.

I use it mostly in the normal channel on the AC10 . I have not tried it in the vibrato channel isit isn't working right now.
I don't think this pedal is so much for a Queen tone as a it seems more like a U2 clean bell tone.

I always battled with getting bell like cleans & the Guild box definitely delivers
It still is rather bright in other amps & is uselss in my Marshall. I like it in my Vox & my Morley JD10 preamp.

Roy Boltz
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