Echoplex Ep-3 Sound on sound problem

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Echoplex Ep-3 Sound on sound problem

Postby 67plexi on Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:34 am


I got echoplex ep-3 several years ago. Condition of this unit is very good and also has good echo sound.
However, there's problem for Sound on Sound function. When I flip the switch to sound on sound side, I can't hear any previously recorded sound.
Record /Erase head and playback head are also fine because I can get the echo.
I've checked sound on sound head whether it was blown or not, but I can get the ohm reading about 395 so head seems fine.
I guess there will be some problem on the circuit board something make sound on sound head to stay turn off.
I really appreciate if someone help me to figure out this problem.
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