59 Strat, maple board-unusual?

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Re: 59 Strat, maple board-unusual?

Postby jcs on Wed Jan 23, 2013 7:47 am

I think that only the rarest and most desirable Strats will go much over $20,000 partly because there are so many very fine builders these days with excellent Strat types plus WAY too many fakes and changed parts on Strats in general.

Otoh, the very rare Strats will command whatever the market will bare and lets face it, there are MANY folks with extremely deep pockets in this economy who will cherry pick "The One" and pay up whatever they desire.

The problem with Strats is they made them for too many years in too many variations to have a consensus on "The One".

I still think the sleepers are mid to late 60's Strats with maybe a few changed parts for $4000-5000, maybe even a refin for less.

There is no real danger of these types falling much in value imo vs. paying $35,000 for a near mint 56 Strat which could fall a long way imo.
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Re: 59 Strat, maple board-unusual?

Postby brets9 on Sat Feb 02, 2013 6:05 am

Watto wrote:The market has most definitely dropped, and yes there are some high priced guitars on gbase, but they have been on there for a very long time , In this day and age ,people aren't prepared to spend those kind of dollars anymore (20k+) , I was never prepared to spend it in the first place :lol:

The problem is that there are so many fakes out there that everyone is extremely cautious these days. It took me 5 years to find my 50's strat at a fair price, The person I purchased it from provided close to 200 HD pictures of it , and answered numerous questions before I did the dead. I'm not saying this guy isn't prepared to do that, he says in his add that there are more pictures if you want.

I think 20K+ is prices that we won't see again for strat, unless it's a mint museum piece, the vintage guitars are out there at the fair and right price, if you are patient enough to wait and look outside the square , follow leads however so small, then you will find them. I know because I have 3 beauties from the 50's that combined cost about the same that this guy wants for his..... that being said, mine are players grade (which I love) and not in as nice a condition as this one.


Well, it's up to nearly 22K. However, I tend agree with your opinion. I think a lot of the vintage gear that us old duffers have collected over the years may be deteriorating in value. When people were using their homes as piggy banks vintage gear skyrocketed. Now that we are back to a somewhat normalcy we have to consider that the generations that are maturing have no interest in this stuff. It could be that as we die off so will the demand for the old instruments that the heroes of yesteryear influenced us with.
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Re: 59 Strat, maple board-unusual?

Postby pckpat on Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:15 am

I'd be inclined to believe that it is real and original.I do think that IS a one piece maple neck,although from the photos it's hard to say 100%.The one thing that seemed a little quirky to me was the extreme whiteness of the pickup covers.The guard looks slightly mint green to me as well? (apparently a chemical reaction that occurred with age,altho my 63 never did)
Here is a slightly later '59 (neck only respray) for comparison.(pretty good price on this one too,I think)http://musicstorelive.com/index.php/1959-fender-stratocaster.html-I haven't owned a pre-CBS Strat since I was in college,many decades ago,so my recollection isn't that great.I do have a somewhat bastardized '61 Jazzmaster slab,but it's got a tortoise guard.So I don't know :P
There are a series of good pics of 59-63 Strats here...http://home.provide.net/~cfh/59strat.html
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Re: 59 Strat, maple board-unusual?

Postby dee-luxe on Sat Feb 02, 2013 1:48 pm

If you can reach a deal see if he will give you a 48 hour evaluation period and take a vacation to gruhn's for an evaluation. Piece of mind would be worth it to me
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