Pricing advice for an Ampeg B15N

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Pricing advice for an Ampeg B15N

Postby marksaund on Fri Dec 09, 2016 2:55 pm

I want to sell my B15N. I've had it since the mid to late 90s and haven't done any major work on it and only used it in my studio for recording. I advertised on Craigslist for $1000 and have had a couple of people look at it. The amp sounds really clean - no extraneous noises from tubes etc (and the tone sounds really great) but there is a slight speaker buzz even at low level which gets worse the louder the amp gets. Playing guitar through it sounds very good (warm and clean) but it's the bass that sets off the buzzing. The serial number in the cabinet is 011902. I don't see one on the amp. I can't see a brand on the speaker but it is marked 5815026 137 744 on the back of the speaker and 1503 G3 on the cone. One guy who looked at it said it was a CTS speaker. The tubes are a mixture of soviet, RCA, westinghouse and mallory.

I see listings on eBay for double what I'm asking and the two guys who looked at it want a lower price because of the speaker buzz. So, I'm wondering, if the speaker is shot, how much should I reduce the price? Or is my price low enough anyway? Is having an original speaker a large part of the value of this flip top? Can a replacement be easily found - and would modern speakers sound the same? Also, is the CTS speaker (if that's what it is) possibly an original. One of the prospective buyers said he thought the speaker wires connected to the socket on the side of the cab didn't look original. Are there any clues about original wiring?

Lastly, the handle is not in such good shape and the front grill is dirty/stained looking. Everything else is in good cosmetic shape.

I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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Re: Pricing advice for an Ampeg B15N

Postby Dean Jr. on Sat Jan 21, 2017 6:28 pm

Hello, Mark....just saw your post.
That speaker is a CTS....'137' is the CTS EIA code. '744' would be the year and week....44th week of '67 or '77. Have you eliminated the possibility that the noise is a cabinet rattle of some sort....the tie down/hinges are a source of rattles in these.
Some people are not picky about this aspect of these Ampegs, but there are a number of Ampeg B15 Bass amps that have the 'N' in their model number. However, there are only two true B15N's....the original was built only in 1961. The other B15N is the Reissue..built from '68-1981. I have a Reissue from 1978.....hard sell here, too. Shiny music stores sell a lot of lousy solid state Ampegs.....
The other B15N's all have another suffix letter....'C,D,S, etc..... and these suffixes indicate that there are differences in the circuit, tubes, etc. Fwiw, the book on these amps is not as high as $2K. IT would take a pristine and all-original 1961 B15N to command that kind of money, ime. Asking prices are not the market....
You might want to get farther into the amp to understand what its production date is and whether or not the speaker does have a problem.
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Re: Pricing advice for an Ampeg B15N

Postby jaywalker on Sat May 27, 2017 2:47 am

Check the gasket between the top and the cab. A leaky one can make noise. A new one can be had at I have an early to mid-seventies B15N with the stock CTS square-magnet speaker and it sounds great!
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