May 1961 R12-R Reverberocket serials?

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May 1961 R12-R Reverberocket serials?

Postby JoeShmo on Sat Oct 01, 2016 3:31 am

Another case of an odd serial number for the Ampeg Reverberocket.
This was my grandfather's amp, and while clearing things out, I came across it once again. As far as I could tell from research, Ampeg serial numbers from this era started with single digit year code, followed by month. However, I have serial # 100374. Its one of the old R-12 stickers with the "-R" added on in pen. According to viewtopic.php?f=52&t=81180 it appears that the 00 should have been 05. Has this actually been documented anywhere as always being the case? Are the June ones actually 06? I'm guessing the initial batch from May 1961 used these stickers, and had 00 for the month.

On a side node, the amp powers up, seems to work, just a few cracks and pops upon warmup. I'm not a guitar/sound guy, so such a find is kind of lost on me. But I'd like to be able to pass this along to someone who would appreciate it, and get use out of it. So part two would be, whats an approx starting price I should be asking for this?

I should probably clean this up a bit, but need to be careful on what to use, and just how much cleaning; Rather have the next owner (who hopefully knows more about restorations) take care of that part. I dont want to mess anything up.

Guess I can't add pics... "Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached."
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Re: May 1961 R12-R Reverberocket serials?

Postby slider313 on Wed Oct 05, 2016 11:34 pm

Pictures can be posted from a "host" site like Photobucket.

Early Reverberockets may have tube charts, serial numbers and parts from the non reverb Rocket amps. Ampeg wasted nothing.

Most of these amps need a new cap can for the power supply, new cathode bypass caps, a three prong power cord, sometimes tubes and a general going over to check for open/drifted resistors and leaking coupling caps. I would think $400 would be about right, for an amp in better than good cosmetic condition, that has never been serviced.
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