M-15 Cap Can Question...

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M-15 Cap Can Question...

Postby giantsteps on Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:41 am

Hey guys, quick (now that I look a not so quick) question...

I have a 1964 Ampeg M-15 (Big M) that came into the shop for maintenance/restoration. The amp has some mods/changes that were done by another tech. Does anyone know what the stock value of the cap can is? The one in here is a 100uF/30uf 450V and I'd like to get it back to vintage specs (the 100uF seems pretty high when it comes to filtering.) According to the schematic there should be 20uf/20uf/30uf 450V but I wanted to see if there has been a historic change to something larger before making my move.)

Any gutshots?


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