Jethro Tull live 1970 video

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Jethro Tull live 1970 video

Postby sunndemon on Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:25 pm ... 66284.html

These guys were so great in this time period; gave up on them after 'Passion Play'. I remember seeing them on TV(live)in 1969 doing "Bouree" complete with Glenn Cornick's bass solo(just as I was learning to play, so that was a big deal). Watched it with my dad, who, in spite of himself being a violinist, and them performing a 'classical' piece, had a severe 'WTF' moment. About 15 years ago I finally met Glenn while he was playing in an Irish rock band in L.A. with the Nazz's Thom Mooney on drums(anyone remember their mid-70's band with Bob Welsh, 'Paris'?) Funny friendly guy, very approachable, of course I asked him for pointers on that solo. But what's the deal with those pants in the video? Ah, hippie fashion...
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Re: Jethro Tull live 1970 video

Postby vez on Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:06 pm

Im a big Tull fan. Like you, I liked only thier early stuff. The rest of their stuff was too whimsical-hobbit-ified for me. I still see Jethro Tull when they are in town and they are still great.
Thanks for turning me on to Wolfgangs Vault. I never seen it.
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