Some new(old) Robin trower video...

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Some new(old) Robin trower video...

Postby sunndemon on Tue Jul 12, 2011 6:10 pm

Hopefully you can access the link with out being registered(although you really ought to be signed up with WV, such an amazing archival source...) Could have done with less grimacing and more fretboard shots, but cameramen were clueless back in those days.... ... 55840.html
Dig the Marshall-on-Fender cab rig---are those 15's? The Marshall 4x12's are the only cabs mic'd, though. Don't overlook the other featured videos on the right...the Albert King footage is surprisingly high quality, and the Muddy Waters stuff is absolutely relevatory; The Who, Byrds, Allmans, Van, and Ramones are all amazing snapshots of an era.
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Re: Some new(old) Robin trower video...

Postby ValveLust on Thu Jul 14, 2011 11:06 pm

Great stuff!
Yes...hard to beat the sounds of the young Robin Trower. He did use 4X15's in a number of configuations through his early years which did contribute to his LARGE sound. He was a major influence on my style of playing when I started back in '73.

As mentioned in a different post I saw him back in March, he was using a Marshall vintage/modern setup with a 2X12 cab....The old classic songs lacked the luster and to say the least and I was a "tad" disappointed.
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