Tom Short "Undercover Minis"

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Tom Short "Undercover Minis"

Postby slider313 on Wed Apr 28, 2010 3:41 am

After hearing Tom's Marc Ford minis in my FB V, I wanted the same tone, low wind and focus in a standard size humbucker for my Heritage 140CM. Because of the construction and physical size of a mini, the only way to actually do this was to seal and pot an actual mini humbucker on a full size baseplate with a smooth nickel cover. After some fine tuning Tom is now offering the "Undercover Mini" to his pickup line. I want to thank Tom Short for building this for me attaching my name to this wonderful sounding pickup. Players looking for a humbucker size P90 have a few choices out there. Now players looking for a humbucker size mini have an option.
Thanks again Tom! ... _mini.html
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