Thin Lizzy tone?

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Re: Thin Lizzy tone?

Postby Mats A on Fri Feb 27, 2009 12:16 pm

Hi Emiel!
Have you heard any Robbo similarities tone by using it?
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Re: Thin Lizzy tone?

Postby musicfunkydude on Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:33 pm

Just joined this site to spk to you people of impeccabe taste.It was the Brian Robertson thread that drew me in.Theres nothing worse than finding that something youve carried with you for years as gospel maybe isnt true? It was because of Robbo's guitar playing on Live and Dangerous that i am still a lead guitarist to this very day and although im mainly a strat player i never ever forget Robbo's snarling tone with that rasp to it ,kind of unique, or it is on my journey so far.Because of the Live and D video and pics i've always believed he used the black custom les paul with the black humbuckers on it?? The closest i've come to replicating his tone was simply with a brand new black les paul custom at my local store plugged into a marshall stack with a fair amount of reverb ,not too much gain and of you go, the intro bars to Rosalie etc, spookily close i sh*t you not, i tried other les pauls at the same time but only the custom has the rasp and snarling aggresive cut to it,a maple top one of the guys in the shop offered ? out of my price range aswell {£ 2000, ish }i sadly put it back on the wall, and having read some of the comments on this page i'm left confused?? Luckily i'm still mates with Brucie Watson of eighties rockers Big Country and he's asked me if i'd like to meet up with Robbo since it hard for me to hide his influence on my playing [ nothing to ashamed about that, right?] but ive not had the bottle ,meeting one's heros and all, im sure i could find out about his sound though,that is if he can remember anything that far back lol !! Find his 'black-key' note of choice is the pentatonic scale and you will nail his style, all the best.
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Re: Thin Lizzy tone?

Postby Mats A on Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:03 pm

I´ve askes Robbo a couple of times and mostly he doesn´t remember. But he has said that it was mostly a Les Paul into a good Marshall and turning everything up to 10. But I got an old seventies interview where his then roadie says that he had three Super Leads wich he changed the settings on most every night. But mostly he had volume on 6 and the other controls around 5 or 6. 2 WEM Copicat echoes used to boost the signal into his amps and a Colorsound wah wah. And most of the Lizzy stuff and on live And Dangerous is played on his Les Paul Deluxe with mini Humbuckers on. He used the Custom on Are you ready since it´s the same version as the one on the LAD video/DVD. He didn´t buy the Black Custom until late 1977.
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Re: Thin Lizzy tone?

Postby Emiel_J on Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:28 am

Thanks for joining in musicfunkydude. I'd love to try out a vintage Les Paul Custom or a good reissue. I'm actually thinking of selling my 93 Gibson Les Standard and trying all kinds of Les Pauls.. P90 Goldtops, Custom, Bursts... but hey meeting one of your heroes is a downright treasure, go for it!

p.s. Robbo's 'Still in Love WIth Blues guitar lessons' are now up on Youtube, in which Robbo is playing his '73 Deluxe through a newish Vox wah and a Marshall SL-X amp. Really interesting video which shows his technique etc. Especially his wahwah technique is simply awesome..

Here's the first part
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Re: Thin Lizzy tone?

Postby capt pugwash on Sat Nov 06, 2010 4:28 pm

hey Emiel_J . really enjoyed that link. i think you should post it in the off topic lounge? it might have a few more viewers there.. thanks again for posting that :cheers:
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Re: Thin Lizzy tone?

Postby BL!AST on Sat Jan 01, 2011 12:53 am

I would have to say Musicfunkydude... if you get to hang out with Robbo and Bruce Watson together... you are absolutely the luckiest person in the world. BC and The lizzy are my favorite bands and thats very cool to even know one of them.

There is a live and dangerous dvd out now. I watched it once but maybe the secret to his tone is the Marlboro's hes actually holding while hes playing those leads... too cool, that guy, tooooo coool.
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