early iron maiden drive sounds?!

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early iron maiden drive sounds?!

Postby riffpowers on Tue Oct 02, 2012 6:48 am

Been listeNing to some early maiden live stuff, and wondered about the guitar tones.they must have used some kind of pedal to get that amount of dirt out of a non mv Marshall, anyone know what they used?!
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Re: early iron maiden drive sounds?!

Postby ampdan on Tue Oct 02, 2012 1:22 pm

This is quoted from Guitar World 1983. I saw the "Killers" tour in Milwaukee @ Summerfest, I was literally pressed up against the stage.
This is the same gear I remember seeing.

Dave has come up in the world since his Top Twenty days.

"The guitar I use mainly now is a '57 Stratocaster (the guitars in the pictures were rented for the shoot because the band's equipment was on the way to Tucson). I've got two DiMarzio pickups on it, a Super Distortion at the bridge and a PAF at the neck. The PAF's got a smoother, creamier sound. The Strat is my favorite, but I also have a Les Paul which I use occasionally, and I just picked up a 1961 SG Les Paul with all the original parts."

The guitarist's amplifier setup is the Heavy Metal standard, four fifty-watt Marshalls with Marshall cabinets. "One cab's got EV speakers in it, which are miked-up for the out-front sound. And the others have Celestions, which are a bit more dirty. For effects, I have a board that was designed by Pete Cornish in London. It has a CryBaby wah-wah pedal, MXR Distortion Plus, Phase 90 phase shifter, an FET Power booster to overdrive the amps and a graphic equalizer that I leave on all the time."

Adrian Smith also started out on a Top Twenty guitar. "You get them in department stores, next to the washing machines. Now I've got a number of guitars, but I just mainly use two, the SG Standard and an Ibanez Destroyer with stock parts. For effects, I use an Ibanez Tube Screamer, a Micro Amp for power boost on the solos, a flange and a Boss Chorus. I used to have a lot more, but I whittled it down because I just didn't need it all."

Both players favor Dean Markley strings in the .09-.11-.15-.4-.32-.40 range.
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