Pete Anderson Tone

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Re: Pete Anderson Tone

Postby Grendyll on Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:29 am

i luv irony. :lol:
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Re: Pete Anderson Tone

Postby JTM45blues on Mon Oct 22, 2012 11:15 pm

For Pete Anderson tone:

1. Telecaster - with a late 50's wound bridge pickup (7 - 7.5k)
2. 3 piece bridge - steel saddles, and aluminum for E and A strings (Glendale makes this)
3. Deluxe Reverb amp with appropriate resistor mod for "mids on 10"
4. Echoplex EP-3, or good tape echo simulation pedal (Pete used 2 Deluxe Reverbs with an Echoplex out front for delay)
5. Pick very close to the bridge with a thin pick
6. 9-46 guage strings, bends are easy on the top end and have plenty of growl on the low end

As an fyi, he CAN in fact NAIL his classic Tele tone with a Epiphone Joe Pass modded with P90's and a Bigsby into a Line 6 Vetta amp. I saw him on tour with Moot Davis doing exactly this. It was incredible, sounded just like a Tele into Twin Reverb. I was absolutely FLOORED by this.
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