Cables?? Do you make your own or buy them??

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Re: Cables?? Do you make your own or buy them??

Postby Baron Von Machinenmann on Sat Jan 02, 2010 4:12 am

Never had an issue with genuine switchcraft ends. There is a lot of crap out there that looks like the real deal and isn't. :2cents:

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Re: Cables?? Do you make your own or buy them??

Postby onedrum on Sun Jan 03, 2010 9:53 am

I'm sorry, i never meant to offend anyone.
speaking from experience.. i've toured and worked with every kind of gear there is.. minus a midas xl8, which is definitely out of my league, however, you get the point.. anyway, there is not a single professional venue i've worked, or any sound company that i've worked for that use switchcraft style XLRs etc. why? the technology is just not on par with new stuff. a nuetrik style connector is not only easy to open on the fly and check for wiring issues, it's also much better at keeping together. no little set screws to fumble with, or to come loose. also, the jack actually grips onto the cable the harder it's yanked on, thus, being less susceptible to being torn apart.

NOW- for quarter inch TS cables (guitar patch cables), i can't even tell you how many i personally went through till i realized there was a better design. and there was the time i was on tour and changed the input on my sg to a switchcraft(mounted into the bottom instead of the face) thinking, WOW, this big honking jack looks really durable??! it lasted less than a week. and guess what? you can't just pry on the contacts to re-tighten them up. oh, and the cables have the worst insulators on the actual ends. in canada, we've got a company called yorkville that has cables called "studio one". they aren't cheap. i paid 30 bones for a 6 footer.. but it came with a lifetime warranty. no questions asked. no matter what. it's no mogami, but in a live setting? i can't tell the difference. i've owned it for 5 years. 3 of those were in a narly, hard touring punk/metal band. i'm not overly nice to my touring stuff. it was the newer design that clamps down on the cable the harder you tug at it.

seriously guys, when you just have a look at the newer style stuff, and do a side-by-side comparison, you'll not just see a nicer looking, sleeker product, you'll see something that is more simple, and much much stronger. oh and don't get me wrong, there are knock-off newer style cable ends that are complete garbage too. but hey, if the switchcraft products work for you, then keep using them. they have been around a long time and deserve faithful consumers such as yourselves. and I must admit...

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Re: Cables?? Do you make your own or buy them??

Postby Britishampfan on Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:56 pm

TsunamiCables wrote:Wow fiber optic cables where did you learn how to do that? Also do you know where I can learn how to do that?
Thanks and good luck with your recording setup.... :cheers:

I took the certification course from Corning. Two nights a week for a semester. I am certified for any installation however I really have`nt done much with the degree. Most buy pre polished ends and fusion splice the multi-mode fiber together or buy pre-made patch cables. Just another job I`ve been trained for that has become obsolete. ha ha :D
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Re: Cables?? Do you make your own or buy them??

Postby jaywalker on Fri Feb 05, 2010 4:17 am

I've always had good reliable service with Switchcraft mono phone jacks and I will add that I am impressed with the new variations on old themes that those Neutrix boys are coming up with. I recently ordered some neutrix right-angle phone jacks from Mouser. They were somewhat easier to assemble and the chuck type strain relief is kewl :thumbsup: . I'll be ordering some straight ones next go around. Better mousetraps. Either brand is good for me...but no others. The others can keep their flimsy, over sized/under sized feather-weight junk. Are we not men? We must have some standards by which we can judge! Forgive my rant. We cannot discuss politics or religion so I shall be passionate about connectors.
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Re: Cables?? Do you make your own or buy them??

Postby Sean Camp on Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:31 am

I used to work at Quantum Audio Designs making cables and snakes DIs etc.and so I make my own(always did though). The joke at the factory was SWITCHCRAP. I must say that Nuetriks are the best way to go, but If you have soldered XLRs before the solder cups on the Nuetriks face the opposite of most other brands and can lead to reverse polarity cables(you wont hear the difference).
ADDED INFO -If one has to make a large quantity of cables make a jig to hold your soldering iron and solder and hold the parts to be soldered in your hands instead of the traditional way of holding the iron and having the parts stationary.
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Re: Cables?? Do you make your own or buy them??

Postby jcs on Sun Feb 14, 2010 2:51 am

I guess i'm a cheapskate but i've been doing my own strain relief on all sorts of cables with this very heavy black tape with a strong adhesive,its industrial stuff i bought years back at a salvage/freight store.

I've never had a problem with switchcraft cable ends and i tend to plug and unplug stuff a lot.

Otoh, my switchcraft stuff is mostly older, so maybe that combined with my ho-made strain relief has worked so well.
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Re: Cables?? Do you make your own or buy them??

Postby Sean Camp on Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:37 am

Sorry, the Switchcrap joke was about XLRs only because many Asian companies have copied their design since the patent ran out and were harder to do right. That said they were good for the 60's 70's but Nuetrik is a better design with much better strain relief and the also make a gender changing( :lol: ) plug that I'm personally excited about.
The metric system also comes into play on 1/4 inch plugs of any major brands, at first to get around the patents and then for tooling :roll:.
SwitchCraft 1/4 inch plugs are the exact size for vintage gear and are very good. However, they are not all equal. The have and do make various levels of quality.We hated those because extra care and time was required to make them and workers were expected to make around 30 every hour(to keep our minimum wage job) and did not get the extra time the needed to do it to SwitchCraft specs.If one doesn't wrap the shield around the ground connector on a SwitchCraft plug the strain relief does not work at full potential. Quantum does offer a lifetime guarantee, so the point was moot, unless I, as the repair guy, had to fix it and fill out the paperwork.
Sorry Just Ranting :? .
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Re: Cables?? Do you make your own or buy them??

Postby plexi on Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:46 am

If they are Dsubs, forget it, I buy them made, If they are patch cables, I make them but I don't use a patch bay and if I did. I would buy the cables anyway for the hassle.

I lucked out and got all the breakout cables free back in October of 2010 from Lynx Studios when i bought the Aurora 16. They offered all the cables free which was a $420 value if you did a purchase by months end.

One good word on the Lynx products. Its Rock solid, fast, works with Protools and logic etc, no BS, the PCI card is superb and the product is 100% built in Southern California USA. HA! yes, a real digital electronics product built in the USA.
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