Choosing Whirlwind DI box,,,?

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Choosing Whirlwind DI box,,,?

Postby zozoe on Wed Apr 29, 2009 1:47 pm

Why Whirlwind? Because my company sells them & I get a great deal on them, but thequestion is, I already have an inexpensive IMP 2 from them, passive design boasting 20-20k resp., and I was considering their DIRECT2 model to facilitate my very high end Breedlove Custom 12 string,,in stereo. But as I look, I see their HOTBOX active model (single I/O), uses 2-9V batteries & a freq. resp of 20-150K, Or even their DIRECT-JT, top of the line passive design.

Primarily this would be used for live use, since mic'ing seems to be a major imposition to most soundpeople, (which I also do when not playing), and maybe for some recording when mic'ing is not an option. WHAT TO DO? If that HOTBOX is really that, I'd go for it & not worry about my stereo obsession (unless I spring for two!!??!!) Passvie vs. Active,, better freq. resp. bull or not?

Thanks to all for the guidance, Kenny
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