vintage recording equitment

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vintage recording equitment

Postby thirdman333 on Wed Jan 21, 2009 5:34 am

hey guys what would be some good vintage recording equitment such as mics for vocals. reel 2 reel recorders ect thanks.
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Re: vintage recording equitment

Postby mrphotodude on Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:21 am

good equiptment....'
hope you are rich!
Microphones - Nuemann! U47 U 87 ect.. ... crophones/

I dont know much about the 2 and 4 track reel to reels...i have played a tad with some 16track 1'inch machines and such.
My buddy has an otari which is pretty cool. Studer is probally one of the biggest names.

There are consoles like the old Ameks, Neves, Trident, SSL ect...

If you are getting into vintage gear...The first place you want to read about stuff is searching around about Bill Putnam!
He pretty much invented alot of recording gear and started Universal Audio, UREI, ect.. ... ll_putnam/

Vintage gear is cool, but the big stuff like the LA2A's(one of bills) and the oldschool preamps get so expensive these days!
Plus really old stuff has alot of older components that have drifted in values so one unit will sound different then the next of the same model.
Some had several revisions over the years on the same units(look at the 1176-another of bills- units).

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