65' Silvertone 1478(Silhouette) tuners and knobs

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65' Silvertone 1478(Silhouette) tuners and knobs

Postby Pelleman666 on Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:44 pm


I just bought A Silvertone 1478 from 1965 (I love it to death, already!) last week and I'm having trouble with the guitar not staying in tune.
Obviously this was not uncalled for when it's a damn old guitar, but I want to know what kind of tuners would fit this guitar and stay in tune?
If there is a way to make it stay in tune without changing tuners, that'd be the best, cause I love the looks (and the knowledge that it's 100% real) of these 6-in-a-row onepiece tuners.
But otherwise I would like to know where I can get similar looking (or just nice vintage looking) tuners that stays in tune, without having to drill the guuitar or anything ofc, because then i'd rather leave it like it is now.

Also I'm missing a tone knob on this one. Anyone knows where to get one?

I'm a fan of vintage gear being used in new ways, like with crazy fuzz tones mixed with whammys (yes, Jack White's style of playing) and other nice and crazy effects.
And I do really love the dirty sounds JW gets outta his Silvertone 1485 amp, but I just bought a Hiwatt Maxwatt G200R (solidstate, yes:S), and it sounds pretty good for a solid state, but what I really want is a nice tube amp, like the 1484. That's my dream amp right now (or the 85 ofc.. but it's harder to get a hold of).
If anyone has one or knows one that He/she could ship to Sweden that would be really fantastic, because they usually just ship insaide the US on eBay.
Or tips for anything else like the silvertone (cheap stuff only:P cheap as a silvertone if you will;P) is appreciated.
It has to be tube and cheap and dirty sounding..and loud.. So basically as I said: A silvertone 1484/85 or something really similar.

Thank you for withstanding me! the most important question I want an answer for is the tuner!
Quick responses appreciated!

Thank You!:)
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