kustom rebuild

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kustom rebuild

Postby ampcabinets on Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:08 pm

In an earlier post in another part of this forum, I told of the Kustom KA100 I was rebuilding into a tube amp, also 100 watt.

here are the pics, of the almost finished product, and I will post the finished pics as soon as my preamp tubes get here.
There are only 2 power tubes shown, but it has the full compliment, now, of Groove tubes 6L6GE #7's.

Note the clearence has been adjusted to add another 1/8 inch, and I may add another 1/16th inch when the preamp tubes get here, just because.
I had noted the wiring on the bottom, was right at the max, so I epoxied in 2 1/16 inch washers on each bottom riser. It now, does not sit on any wiring, and has a very comfortable gap.
The bottom rats nest wiring is not so pretty ,but it is squared away, so nothing is going to rattle loose.
Note the impedance selector on the bottom of the back and thepresence control on the upper back of the amp. I also added an extra power outlet inthe rear for pedal power, etc.

The Trannies are marshal ldagnall 100 watt JCM 900 vintage.
The circuit is a Fender 6G6B bassman circuit, wired for 4 power tubes.
I think I did as well as can be expected, but your comments and suggestions are welcome.

When posting the pics, I kept getting "can't determine size of image, so I just added links.....sorry......
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