Adding locking nut to Strat - what are my options?

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Adding locking nut to Strat - what are my options?

Postby firstamongequal on Tue Sep 21, 2010 11:29 am

Just picked up a modded 1970's reissue Strat which has had a Floyd Rose trem installed. No locking nut was installed though.

It's the 70's reissue so they have the bullet tyle truss rood which pokes out a bit at the top of the neck.

I want to add a locking nut, and wanted to know whether there was a way of doing this satisfactorily without having the existing nut replaced by a new locking nut as I'd rather not have to pay my tech for yet more work!

i.e. could I just add a Kahler style behind the nut clamp, together with a string retaining bar? Would this work?
Any thoughts welcome:)

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