best vintage type 500k audio pots ?

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best vintage type 500k audio pots ?

Postby electricskychurch on Wed Mar 17, 2010 1:38 am

i'm looking for some pots to replace some in some historic 59' ri les paul's and tried some CTS 500k audio taper through RS guitar works but they measure quiet low (430 to 460 k depending on temperature) and many are quiet hard and slow to turn.
those are the ones he sells as parts , not the ones in kits that might be selected.
i will try his super pots but they don't have a regular audio taper, so i would like to know if i can find somewhere some good quality short shafts 500k audio pots (measuring 500 to 600k ) , that are easy to turn , other than the regular CTS found at RS guitar works ?
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