alternate tunings and the best pickups

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alternate tunings and the best pickups

Postby The Collector on Mon May 25, 2009 5:52 pm

I was wondering what everyone uses for pickups if you play in alternate tunings?
I use several alternate tunings and so far the best pickup i have found is a Duncan JB. it really brings out the notes.
i also use a Duncan Hotrails. the sustain on those are crazy!
some tunings i use are
EEBBEE..very rock (duncan jb, Bridge)
GGDDBB...beautiful on my acoustic (dean markley P/U)
FFGGAA...odd tuning but if you are open minded you will figure it out. (Duncan Hotrails P/U, Bridge, standard strat.
GGDGDD...awsome on acoustic also (Dean Markley p/u)
and ofcourse for my standard tuning i use a Dimarzio Super Distortion, with earnie ball beefy slinkys in my jag.
id like to hear what you use. any suggestions on other pickups that would sound good?
The Collector
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