Fender Mustang tone options in a Strat

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Fender Mustang tone options in a Strat

Postby phlizmo on Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:32 am

Hey Folks,

Well, my 94 strat is heading to the shop for a much needed re-fret and electronics swap. I picked up a set of fender noiseless pickups and will also get an RS electronics upgrade kit, (Just ordered one for my G & L ASAT CLassic. Cant wait! ) .

I figured while I had the guitar at he shop I might add some new tone switching options. One being able to add the Neck pickup to posiiton 1 like the gilmour strat. THe other though is a bit odd I think.. I really LOVE the strange out of phase twangy sounds you can get from a mustang and would love to have those options on in my strat as well. Has anyone done this or know of the best way to go about it? I suppose I could rout a cavity in the lower bought. Im not sure what I will need and what exactly goes into the mustang sound or how one would wire it up. Any help in this area would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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