Pete Townshends Strat 2000

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Pete Townshends Strat 2000

Postby g60_dave on Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:06 pm

Im watching a DVD from 2000 at Royal Albert Hall and he is using a Clapton strat with a bridge acoustic pickup with a vol pot behind bridge. Im intrigued into what this looks like from behind as the pot is directly mounted, if that makes sense?

Does anyone have a pic?

Oh and Im not to into his tone on this. Way to clean on the old stuff.
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Re: Pete Townshends Strat 2000

Postby mkguitar on Sun Sep 06, 2009 7:26 am

PT still uses the Fenders for most live work- some are exactly earlier Clapton models with the signature on the headstock, some have had changed necks ( errr, due to damage) and the Red #4 is the guitar which used to have a kahler which pierced Pete's hand in the 80's.
All ( guess that Pete tours with about 12 or 15 Strats) the Fenders have some neck shaving/shaping and have the micro tilt adjust, Sperzel tuners and added electronics:

Fishman Powerbridge with piezo pick ups on each string,
into an EMG pre amp
then to the added volume pot
then to a stereo output jack ( so the Powerbridge goes to a DI, and the Lace Sensors to the amps)

The backs of the guitars have the usual trem cover ( 9 volt under there as well) and on the backside from the added volume pot is a small cover, through that cover the piezo preamp can be adjusted for volume bass mid and treble with trim pots.
( a few were made with a Fishman preamp with sliders for the volume and eq adjustments)

Lots of photos on the web.

****** found this link which has more details and a short video of tech Alan Rogan describing the guitars and amps- he has with him the red #4 when he holds it you can see that it used to have a kahler, and the route has been filled and refinished. ... hese-days/

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