Annoying Ebay seller

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Annoying Ebay seller

Postby g60_dave on Thu May 14, 2009 10:15 am

I order bulk order of strings (roto yellows) from a seller who is less than a pound cheaper than anyone else. I order on a Saturday Morning knowing that I need them for following Thursday for a few gigs over the weekend.
I email on Tuesday asking if order has been sent, to which he replies on Thursday Afternoon saying ‘sorry, Rotosound were late with delivery and they have been sent that day. They had specified they had stock in, stock so I replied to say, why wasn’t I told of this, and made clear I then had to take time off work to travel, park and buy strings from a shop to fulfil my commitments and strings will, essentially useless.
Anyway, strings turn up the following Monday (9 days after ordered) so I left negative feedback making clear I wasn’t happy at lack of professionalism and communication.
I then receive an email from them…

hi why is the order useless? are you never going to use strings again? or are you having a tantrum because your strings were two days late!!!! You moaning idiot. Looking at your feedback and ratings i dont think you can preach about postage, check mine out.
cheers blindlemonclegg

Im really tiring of ebay now, and in particular sellers like these guys, theres a few out there.

All this for a few sets of strings........
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Re: Annoying Ebay seller

Postby FilthyJoe on Thu May 14, 2009 8:59 pm

I think the negative was a bit overboard. I guarantee if they could have sent your strings earlier (on-time) they would have. Maybe you should retract (re-think) that negative.

I sell items on Ebay, and there are tons of things that can go wrong. The seller should have tried to rectify the situation. Even a Free Shipping or a discount on your next order would have been nice.


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