S999999 Strat

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S999999 Strat

Postby Wingman on Wed Jan 19, 2011 12:47 pm

Hi All,

You'd be aware that CBS Fender put a sticker with the instrument's serial number underneath the pickguard in the 1970's (usually). I've got a late 70's (possibly early 80's) Strat with the serial number sticker S999999 under the pickguard. The neck serial number is different though the neck is the correct period. I'm thinking one of two things has happened:
1. (most likely) Previous owner has wanted to offload the instrument but thought the neck might be worth something someday given the cool serial number.
2. The neck was changed as a warranty job (I find this unlikely given the exceptional CBS Fender attention to quality and detail :lol: )

I've had the guitar for about 17 years. I'd LOVE to find the original neck if it's out there. If anyone gets wind of this neck I'd love to find out where it is.
Cheers Wingman
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