Black bobbin pups on a 67 Strat?

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Black bobbin pups on a 67 Strat?

Postby steveokla on Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:27 pm

Here's a '67 strat that caught my eye on e bay. I recently picked-up a '68 (big year for me) at a guitar show that I've truly fallen in love with, but I'm considering adding one other strat--something with black bobbin pups. Of course, anything dead straight with those pups means pre-CBS and insane money, so I'm watching for something compromised: rout, refin, etc. In short, looking for a player's version.

Anyway, this '67 popped up on e bay--don't know what it'll eventually go for, but what got my attention are the black bobbin pups. I know Fender was notorious for just using whatever parts came out of the bin when putting these together, so it's not unusual to find '66 pots in a '69, etc., but is that so with pups? '67 seems pretty late in the day to find anything but grey bobbins, doesn't it? Like to hear from the experts. Here's the link: ... 19c1bdb1b4
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Re: Black bobbin pups on a 67 Strat?

Postby 11068 on Wed Dec 22, 2010 11:12 pm

actually Steve you can find black bobbins all the way to 1968 ;)
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