1973 Les Paul Blk Bty Custom w/ Darkbursts

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1973 Les Paul Blk Bty Custom w/ Darkbursts

Postby daneswede1 on Sun Oct 04, 2009 4:16 am

Have a 73; Paul that had a minor neck issue but was resolved by Stevie ray vaighnes tech who installed Xtra Jumbo Gibson sire tall and thin and installed splints or whatever for the neck. neck is straight and true .intonation is sick. paint job on the nck is insane and it plays better than it has ever played .I am ecstatic . Love the Darkbursts WCR pickups as well. Also own 2 2001 PRS Singlecuts with #7s . one quilt green, one dark red flame top . 10 top. Wondering saince i play some groove , funk, blues fusion into my hungarion drop d shredding black crowes steve cai, pink folyd , r&B soul music if I should COIL TAP the pickups in one of the PRS 's !? any thoughts ?

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73 Les Paul; Black Bty custom Darkbursts
2001 PRS Singlecut with #7s flame top red
2001 PRS singlecut QUILT in Green Quilt with #6s
Great stuff and coil tapped the green one for funk fusion blues, rhythms .

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Re: 1973 Les Paul Blk Bty Custom w/ Darkbursts

Postby sean on Tue Oct 13, 2009 8:13 pm

I would definitely coil tap, but the #7's are 2 conductor so those won't work unless you plan to go into the pickup and tap it yourself. I play mostly PRS' with multiple types of pickups installed for tapping. If you want to stay with PRS I'd go with the RP Pickups which are stock in the Modern Eagle guitar. They're very airy sounding and good sounds with the taps, they go for $90-109 online. I've also installed Lollar Imperials, Sheptone Tribute, and Fralin Unbuckers. They are all different and yet good. The Fralin's seem to have the quack of a single coil when split, the Lollars and Sheptones are both very nice high end pickups, can't go wrong with any of them.
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