refurbish vox clubman

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refurbish vox clubman

Postby shiny phil on Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:50 pm

I purchased this guitar in 1964. I think its a clubman. Red body, white pickguard, 2 pickup: neck & bridge,
3 pots: 2 volumn & tone (top cut). I have two problms to sort out, 1)The single bar magnet in each pickup have
lost there magnetism. 2) the input socket (coax) is the type used Is the back of TVs To connect an coaxial aerial
downlead to.
1) Ive looked at internet to find a suitable sized bar magnet Sofar no joy. Remagnetize with a rare earth magnet..
is a possibility. Replace steel magnet(AlniCo??) with a rare earth magnet?. The strong magnetic field may damp
the strings & change the tone.
2) tsr socket could be fitted with some modification to pickguard & a little metal work. Any substantial work
to the guard at this point would weeken it. BNC, TNC mini XLR, phono would work. Phono would be unreliable in this application. I have no experience of mini XLR connectors. Any comments would be welcome.
shiny phil
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