My 1961 El84 45 watt project combo amp

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My 1961 El84 45 watt project combo amp

Postby Blazer on Tue Sep 20, 2011 11:38 pm

I traded this amp for a couple old pedals I had and thought it would be a pretty neat project.It's a 1961 El84 P to P that was apparently taken out of a Electrohome organ.All the pots were on top so I made a new front panel and moved and installed new pots in the front and installed a new grounded power chord and a power switch other than that it's untouched.I bought some nice 12 " solid MAple boards and built the cabinet and finished in a antique finish and installed chrome corner protectors and Marshall metal pocket handles as well as casters.For speakers I used two Celestion G12M-70sThe tube compliment is
4/EL 84's
When I was done I didn't expect much but was amazed by the tone and that the breakup was very Marshall.I am now going to bring it in to a tube amp guy I know just to go over it to make sure it's 100%.If anyone has any info on the amp I'd love to hear it.
Bruce's EL 84 amp 015.jpg
Bruce's EL 84 amp 017.jpg
Bruce's EL 84 amp 019.jpg
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