Worth building 5E3 in a Peavey Classic 30 Cabinet?

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Worth building 5E3 in a Peavey Classic 30 Cabinet?

Postby otter on Wed Aug 26, 2015 6:27 pm

I've got an old Classic 30 that I've pretty much given up hope of ever having working properly again. It went back to Peavey for repairs three times in the first five years I had it and it's never really been the same as it was new. It's had drinks spilled on it by clumsy other people, tubes broken by clumsy other people, and a hole in the speaker (by a clumsy other person). These days it makes a beautiful, clear, tea kettle whistling sound when you turn it on, which I suspect is a microphonic tube. It is probably also old enough now that it could use some tending to the electrolytics within.

Basically I've given up on this amp as is, or salvage the cabinet, chassis, and transformers to build something new in the same box. Right now I'm thinking about a 5E3 circuit, probably just one channel and diode rectified. My questions are:

Assuming the transformers are still good (I have no reason to believe otherwise), is there any reason I couldn't use them for the Tweed Deluxe circuit? It looks like the filaments in the Classic 30 are wired in series, so I'm not sure if I can use the heater taps in a standard parallel configuration, or if I would have to maintain the original series setup.

Similarly, I know the OT is obviously chosen to handle 4xEL84 tubes, but could it work with 2x6V6? I'd probably have to carve up the chassis to fit octal sockets. Would I be better off keeping the EL84 configuration?

On the topic of the chassis, I know it's not very voluminous, as the 4-dimensional circuit board Peavey used is pretty space efficient. But it seems like there ought to be enough room in there for a simple single-channel deluxe, particularly if I go with a point-to-point build or terminal strips. The 5E3 only has a dozen or two components, most of which can probably hang on the jacks, pots, or tube sockets.

I guess what I'm wondering is whether this is worth it. Would I be better off junking the PV and getting a Weber kit or something? This isn't my first build, I've built a Mojo 1484 kit and rebuilt entirely my old Twin Reverb that somebody mucked up before me, so I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. I just don't know if the Peavey is even a good starting point for what I want to get done.
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Re: Worth building 5E3 in a Peavey Classic 30 Cabinet?

Postby ThisLifeILead on Wed Aug 26, 2015 8:59 pm

It can absolutely be made into something better!!
The main problem with that amp is the stupid layout of the chassis. If i were you i would completely remove the PCB and see what you need.
you cant do 2x6v6 tubes as the OT is expecting a lower load. i would use 4xel84's for simplicity. wire up a turret/eyelet board and go nuts. its not a high gain amp and aslong as your wiring is somewhat well laid out you wont have too many issues :jam:
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Re: Worth building 5E3 in a Peavey Classic 30 Cabinet?

Postby jaywalker on Tue Sep 22, 2015 3:54 pm

I'm interested. I have a dead peewee classick30 and was waiting to trash it but now you've got me thinking.

edit: "...the filaments in the Classic 30 are wired in series..." One of the most underwhelming features of this amp, right after the p.o.s. folded circuit board arrangement. It seems like a parallel circuit might work. I better hit the books.
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