Rebuild "Original" Marshall 100W Super Trem Plexi?

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Rebuild "Original" Marshall 100W Super Trem Plexi?

Postby Boone on Wed Apr 22, 2015 7:26 pm

I have an "Original" Marshall Super Trem 100 Serial #ST 10587

I have owned it for about the last 15 Years.

It has a master volume and and the following mods installed by Mark Cameron.

#1 Master Volume

#2 Distortion knob

#3 Bass Resonance

#4 Effects loop.

I have always thought this amp sounded awesome. It has been my favorite amp up until recently when I went through my JTM45 (no mods) and got it to sound "right". I went on a VH kick a few years ago and despite my limited fingers I can get this thing to make tone pretty close to VH with a PV Wolfgang and all the VH appropriate effects. Sounds pretty darn good with other signal chains as well.

I had a look under to hood last night and with all due respect to Mr. Cameron (again this amp does does sound amazing) some of the work inside just looks a little "not the best"...

I use the term "Original" loosely as what with all the Cameron mods and other replaced components + a lot of wear and tear (cosmetically she is about a 7 at best), the amp is hardly original so there is not much sense in keeping it as is as it is already kind of heavily messed with, but in my opinion, in a good way.

I have recently taken up tinkering with my old amps and am having pretty good success.

I am tempted to take it down to the bare chassis and rebuild it, including most if not all of the Cameron Mods, myself.

This is probably a little bigger project than I ought to take on, but nevertheless, inspiration strikes me to do so.

I am going for a good old fashioned Marshal crunch tone (Think Gary Moore), as I have sort of gotten over my VH phase and have returned to the blues. I also (of course), love Robben Fords tone with his Dumble amp(s), but I do not have the bank account to get an original Dumble. Would love to approximate Robben's tone though.

My questions are:

#1 Would I be better off leaving this amp alone and building a kit amp of some type, and if so, which one(s)?

#2 Has anyone made circuit drawings of the Cameron Mods?

#3 Should I put it back as stock as possible, but perhaps leave the master volume?

#4 Whats to be gained by rebuilding it with all the Cameron Mods, but really cleaning it up so all is nice and neat under the chassis?

#5 Whats it worth "as is" considering Mark has put all of the above mods in it? I know Mark has a very good name amongst the amp gurus and this amps tone is a tribute to that.

Opinions are most welcome.

Thanks to all.
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Re: Rebuild "Original" Marshall 100W Super Trem Plexi?

Postby Unit_1 on Fri Apr 24, 2015 2:45 am

Well as they say a picture is worth a thousand words - pics of the current state might help to decide whether it would be a more desirable amp as is, or restored as well as possible.

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