Fender Champion 600 great success with mods!

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Fender Champion 600 great success with mods!

Postby DanRoy on Fri Mar 09, 2012 2:47 am

I just did the mod found here

http://www.300guitars.com/articles/hot- ... mpion-600/

on my Champion 600, and after a small tweak, it sounds amazing! I opted to leave in the stock 22uF cathode bypass cap, I found that the .68 took away all that deep bass that I love. And yes, I can hear it on the 6" speaker. It fills up my small bedroom.

The high input is now quite bright, which is great for some of my darker guitars that this amp wasn't as friendly too in its stock form. The low input is now fabulous sounding instead of just a weaker version of the high input as it was in the stock amp. It's darker and gets more power section saturation, the sweet spot is easy to find around halfway on the volume knob. Just a gorgeous sound...I think I've heard it somewhere on the In Rainbows album by Radiohead. Warm and fat and all of that! The high input is a bit gainy too, but this is easily remedied by rolling back the guitar's volume knob. And I wouldn't trade this for lowered gain because of how great the Low input now sounds.

I have had this amp for a few years and it has gone largely unused for most of that time due to it's mildly charming, but uninspiring tone. Now the tone is very charming, and quite inspiring. It's got the mids it was missing, and that I expect from a tweed-ish circuit, and you can get more treble out of it now too. It just sounds a lot more classic now. I was happy at how easy it was to work from the top of the circuit board too, with my soldering iron set a little hotter than usual. The chassis is so small it sat right on my small desk/work area.

I'm using a Tung-Sol current issue 6V6, a JAN Phillips 12AX7, and the Jensen Mod speaker. These helped the amp a bit with the stock circuit, but, modifying the circuit was required for me to be totally happy with the amp.

The small parts cost only a few bucks. Highly recommended.
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